Lancashire is a magnet for tourist over the years. There are a myriad of places to visit in this city, this is why the revenue generated from tourism increased by 22% in less than 10 years. Some of the prettiest places worth your while include:


This is a quiet and unsullied village which lies at the bottom of Pendle Hill with a refreshing brook running alongside the village greenery. The village is quite popular having been featured in the BBC film titled 'Whistle the Wind'.

It was just recently featured in a popular BBC drama series titled 'Born and Bred'. It has an authentic British gentry feel and the Baron Clitheroe maintains this beautiful rustic charm by not allowing the installation of aerial modern installations such as electric poles or satellite dishes making this village an allure for tourists and film makers alike.

Hurst Green

This is a splendid village located in the center of the Ribble Valley. It sits at the foot of the world renowned Stony Hurst College which has the privilege of hosting two of JRR Tolkien's sons one of whom was a student and the other a teacher.

Tolkien was also known to favour this village during his writing days. The Lord of The Rings was brought into creation here. The world acclaimed writer of the series was known for his unabashed love for everything nature including wooded landscapes, clear gurgling rivers and forest animals.


This is a village older than many countries today. It is quite steeped in history having being founded over 1000 years ago. Visitors to this pleasant little village will be in interested in the quaint little shops, comfortable inns and natural picturesque countryside.

The Forest of Bowland is renowned the world over, offering miles of thick forest green and lush farmland. The village is centered around breathtaking lakes and other estuaries while it has excellent bed and breakfast accommodations for the weary traveller.

These are some of the places of interest in this edition of our Visits column. We look forward to another edition of this beautiful series.