Murder in Preston: Lover charged with murder of mum who passed away due to brutal assault

A 27 year old mum of one was discovered dead by the roadside in very early in Thursday morning. According to police who later arrived at the crime scene, she was a victim of a "brutal and sustained assault". An autopsy conducted later has revealed the woman identified as Rosie Darbyshire had given up the ghost as a result of heavy multiple injuries to the head. Her boyfriend Benjamin Toppin has been charged for murder and will be brought to the Preston Magistrate Court tomorrow morning to standard trial.

The Lancashire Police in a press statement stated that:

"Lancashire Constabulary have today referred the matter to the Independent Office of Police Conduct following contact between Rosie and the Constabulary following her death".

Southwest Airlines Plane Similar to Ethiopian Crashed Jet Forced to Land in Emergency

The plane was on a hop from Orlando to California when there were engine problems reported. It returned safely to the airport after making an emergency landing. The plane is a Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane similar to the Ethiopian jet that crashed killing all 157 passengers on board. The flight crew of the Southwest plane was forced to declare an emergency landing before safely touching down at the airport in Orlando Florida in the evening.

Fortunately, no passengers were on board the flight as the plane was on its destination to Victorville, California when the incident occurred. Sources from the US Federal Aviation Administration states that the plane had suffered 'engine-related' issues.

This is making the headlines weeks after all major airlines around the world temporarily suspended the use of the Boeing 737 MAX Jet Plane after the Ethiopian Airlines disaster. Subsequently, the UK Civil Aviation has placed an embargo on the jet over latest fears of the aircrafts air worthiness. The European Aviation Safety Agency was not left behind as it grounded flights in respect of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 9.

The American aviation regulator has banned the use of the aircraft but granted permission to airlines to fly the planes without passengers to different airports. The plane was being transported to Victorville for storage pending the outcome of the Ethiopian and Lion Airlines disaster which happened barely five months from each other. In both crashes, all persons on board the flight were killed.