The city of Lancashire has one of the top rated educational institutions and facilities in the county. There are many varieties of institutions including government funded and independent institutions. Lancashire also have schools for different stages of our children's development beginning from the nursery and day-care centers to well established universities. Some of the college and universities in Lancashire that we partner with are:

University of Central Lancashire

Also known as UClan, this is a government funded tertiary institution located in the heart of Preston, Lancashire. It's roots can be traced back to The Institution For The Diffusion of Useful Knowledge which was established in 1828. It subsequently changed names over the years before it was recognised as a university by the Privy Council in 1992.

This University has various campuses spread out across Burnley Preston and West Cambria and is the 19th largest University in the United Kingdom by population. It is well recognised for its scientific research in the energy particularly nuclear field. Consequently, there are over 1000 international students and researchers from over 100 countries with affiliation programs carried out in partnership with over 120 international institutions.

West Lancashire Community High School

This is a secondary school located in West Lancashire. Their values are to help propagate a positive self-esteem for each child while encouraging academic learning in line with the National Curriculum. They are a school with values, developing policies which are used to keep track of the efficacy of their teaching methods and the impact on the children who enroll in the school. It is one of the best public funded institutions in Lancashire.

There are many facilities including equipment in this school while it promotes an all-encompassing culture, bringing children from all walks of life. Most importantly, children with special needs and disabilities are welcome here. Facilities are in place to cater for these children making sure they get the best out of this institution.

All Hallows Catholic High School

This is an independent school funded by the Catholic Church in Lancashire. It was established in 1975 and its doors has been open to all students in the community including students who live outside the city. The vision of this high school is to propagate Christian values through their teachings. To help their students grow in specific areas including morally, academically, and a close relationship with God. Their mission statement reflects the values they protect.