As an institution which is all about giving back to the community, we carry out a lot of projects which are beneficial to the town we so much love and serve. Chief among the things we do is to promote the charities that are within our district and we do this by showcasing their events without charge, canvassing for damages on our page, and generally doing what a responsible ethical institution would when it comes to assisting the charities they love. Some of the charities we support include:

Lancashire Mind

Lancashire Mind is a charity located at the outskirts of the city center. They are a mental health initiative with a focus to fostering the mental wellbeing of all citizens of the community. Their vision is to stop false presumptions in relation to mental health, alongside making people more resilient in the fight against PTSD, and other forms of depression.

With the level of depression, suicide rates in the community have skyrocketed by 23% in the last six years. We know firsthand how painful it is for families to lose their loved ones having covered many funeral events related to suicide. This is why we decided to partner with the Lancashire Mind to help spread their wellness campaign across the city.

Lancashire Women

This is a charity that is focuses on reducing the gap in gender inequality. We are an equal rights company who believe men and women deserve equal pay. Because of this, we throw our support with Lancashire Women to ensure our female folk get the support and tools they need to empower their lives.

Their vision, which is a vision we share, is to make sure that women will be able to discover their voices to be heard when it comes to policies which shape their lives. We help this charity by carrying out women orientation campaigns across all the locals in the city. Since this charity came along, there has been a noticeable impact in the lives of our women. Our women now participate in elections and have more positions in government than before.