Statement from the Editor:

This website is a digital news resource and one of the most renowned news agencies across the globe. Our website dispassionately keeps tracks of news and events and we are known to give our views objectively without prejudice or bias.

Our journalistic principles have tided us over the years, bringing us to the pinnacle of the industry. These principles may have changed over the years but the core of them remains the same. They are:

We scoop the big stories

We scoop time first

We represent our readers and town

We uphold the trust our readers have put in us

Since we started, we have been honoured to serve this town while building our pedigree as a reputable online news agency. Amongst our renowned fight includes the war to bring back the playing parka for children, the fight against increased cost of health care, the struggle against discrimination in salary wage caps between men and women. This website has supported families of the Dam Bridge Disaster to the point where substantial justice is now attainable.

We are dedicated to the professional and excellent coverage of all Lancashire sports cutting through Football clubs as well as Rugby teams. We also give a lending hand to local and regional gambling businesses in the community through the weekly publication of the Business Weekly Magazine, as well as the continuous promotion of the Local Business Awards in the community. One of the online betting platforms, Royal Panda Slots, was featured in the latest edition. The local sports and betting sites have always gone hand in hand.

We have an aim to promote and highlight the very best of our educational institutions through the extensive coverage of the schools in the town, their curriculum, which also includes all events including opening day and graduation ceremonies.

On the political front, this website supports every policy that we feel is in the best interest of the Lancashire community rather than the selfish interests which serve no one but the political parties. We have always been situated in the heart of Lancashire since our inception and we are proud to be partners with a whole lot of other institutions schools and charities.

We love the community that has welcomed us. Thus, we try to give back to it by featuring the best places for tourists and lovers of foreign culture to come visit whenever they come around to our country. This has skyrocketed the tourist numbers in the town, thereby adding so much more to the economic value of this town, driving job creation and reducing poverty amongst the people.

Fact Verification & Anonymous sources

We have a high standard we apply to what we do and we only put out stories which are a hundred percent authenticated and verified. Our staffs have a duty under the Code of Practices to safeguard their sources but we know the responsibility behaves on us to only use sources which are authentic.

The responsibility of what we print lies on us squarely. We accept this with all sense of brevity. If you have reason to think a story is false or you would like to ask questions, Contact Us.