Winning in Bingo!

February 4, 2013

It’s a pretty well known fact that online bingo is a game almost entirely based on chance. Both the cards and the balls are drawn completely random, and at the start of the game, each card is as likely as the other to win. However, there are a few things you can do to give yourself an edge.

Live bingo actually requires a bit of skill in order to win. Players have to mark their cards themselves, making sure they don’t miss number and noticing which cards are close to getting a bingo, and be quicker than the rest of the crowd to call the bingo.

Unlike live bingo, online bingo has this element removed as the bingo software always makes sure that your bingo cards are marked correctly when you’re playing. They even have functions so that if you get disconnected during a game, the bingo software will finish it for you, meaning that you can still win money in that particular game. Some websites even offer pre-paid cards, meaning that you can buy a set of cards for a particular time during the day, and those cards will then automatically be played, even though you might not be logged in on the website.

There are a few things that you can to increase your chances of winning in online bingo:

  • Make sure to play at websites that offer high bonuses. You can find the best bingo online bonuses and places to play bingo gratis at websites like and
  • The most obvious way of increasing your chances of winning would of course be to buy more bingo cards. Some websites will allow you to buy as many cards as you want. Keep in mind though, that for every card you buy you need to risk more money. Always weigh the total amount you pay to the potential reward you’re looking at.
  • In online bingo, there’s usually an option to change your bingo cards if you wish. This might seem like a waste of time as every card has an equal chance of winning before the first number is drawn. But consider the fact that some cards will have numbers in common; meaning that if the common number doesn’t come up, none of the cards will have a chance of winning the game. You’re taking an unnecessary risk by choosing cards that have too many numbers in common. If given the option, always try to buy cards that are very different from each other.

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