The chatroom – A vital part of online Bingo

January 8, 2013

Most bingo players like the social vibe and friendships a bingo hall provides, but guess what? It’s just the same thing with online bingo! It might not seem as much fun sitting at home in front of your computer playing bingo if you compare it to live bingo. However, today all good bingo websites have chat rooms in which you can communicate with all the other players who are playing on the site. This is a great way of making new friends, not only from your local town, but from the whole wide world.

Chat games

The chat rooms are controlled by a Chat Manager. Besides making sure that everyone is having a good time and helping with any enquiries players might have, the chat manager arranges chat games the players can participate in.

In most cases, the chat games are free to join in on, although some websites will request that you have bought at least one card in the ongoing bingo game. There are many different types of chat games, but most of them are linked to the call board of the ongoing bingo game. The chat games are played on the side of the bingo, and usually the players select a few numbers before the game starts, and when the numbers are called on the board they win. Usually the prizes come in bonus money which can’t be cashed out, but can be used to buy cards in the bingo.

The chat room vibe

There’s no rule that you have to play bingo in order to chat. Some people might be a bit low on money, but chose to enter the chat room anyway, just for the social bit. Some bingo websites, like Balloon Bingo, are known for their chatrooms and have put a lot of effort in to making the vibe very friendly. You can find special deals on such bingo website in bingo portals like A lot of bingo players make friends online, who they want to talk to. A lot of bingo websites have private chat rooms as well, in which you can talk to your friends without having to be interrupted by anyone else.

Different chat rooms have different names and different themes. Some might be targeted towards younger people, and some for older people. Use the names to get a hint of what the themes of the rooms are.

So how do you write a chat message? For someone with normal computer skills, this one’s rather self explanatory. When you enter the bingo client, you will see a window and a list of players in the chat room. Simply mark the field below the chat room to enter your message. Always behave well when you are in chat rooms, or the chat manager might warn you or even turn off your chat function. Always show respect to the other players in the room.

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