Always keep an eye on your opponent – even in online poker!

October 9, 2012

When playing poker live at a real table, players are constantly looking at their opponents to receive information by the subtle tell-tell signs that they give out unconsciously. This is really important as it can help a player determine whether his opponent is bluffing or not. It can be everything from acting overly aggressive, usually trying to incline that his hand is better than it really is to really subtle signals like rubbing your fingers together. Everyone has these signs to some extent, and good poker players are experts at reading them.

So when you’re playing online poker, and you can’t see the faces of your opponents, does this mean you don’t have to observe them? Of course not! You should constantly watch your opponents, even when you’re not active in the hand. Find out who’s aggressive and play a lot of hands, who’s more likely to bluff, and who plays really conservative. This information is really valuable when it comes to your decision-making, and it can often determine whether you win or lose a pot. Psychology is a big part of poker, a game that is as much about counting the odds as it is about making players act the way you want them to, so keep that in mind next time you visit your poker network.

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