A brief guide to sports betting

February 1, 2013

The objective of sports betting is to pick a game a get as much info about it as possible, and thereafter compare the probability of each team’s chances of winning according to your data, and then see if your opinion differ from the odds maker’s. You win when your analysis is better than the oddsmaker’s, and that’s how simple it is. Although sports betting definitely have an element of luck involved, certainly in the short term, this will be balanced out during the long run, which is where the talented and researched players get rewarded.

Although you might think so, players who win consistently in sports betting are not lucky. In fact it’s the complete opposite: Players who take a lot of time preparing, reading up on each team, players and such to evaluate the probability of a team’s chance to win, are usually the players that win In sports betting. Some people can get lucky and win loads straight away, but these players usually ends up losing their entire bankroll later when luck has caught up with them.

When you’re betting on a sport, remember that it is the oddsmaker you’re trying to beat, and not the bookmaker. The bookie is just a connection between the oddsmaker and the punter. The bookmaker ideally wants a 50/50 spread of bets between two teams in a match, as this is what generates their profit, and they will try to encourage bets on one team if there’s too many bets on the other. It’s your job to try and outsmart the oddsmake, and have a more accurate opinion on which the winning team is going to be when you place your bets. If you toss a coin you will have a 50% chance of guessing the end result correctly. If your odds of winning are 10/11 you only have to win just over 52% of your bets in order to get a higher profit than the bookmaker and break even. This means you only have to win a little bit more than half of your bets in order to be profitable. A general guideline is to aim to win 55% of your bets over a long period of time, which will make you profitable in the long run. That’s a much better strategy than making crazy bet after crazy bet, which might reward you greatly and hugely increase your bank roll in the short term. Typically, these kinds of strategies always fail in the long run. Of course, there’s lots more to learn in order to be succesful at sports betting. Websites like http://www.pronosticoquiniela.eu/ and apuestasdeportivas.pw do not only have advanced guides to sports betting, but also some of the greates starting offers for famous sportsbooks such as William Hill and Lbapuestas!


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