Money Management

March 14, 2013

The average gambler often overlooks the importance of setting up a budget before they start playing at online casinos. Overlooking this is one of the biggest common mistakes that people do when it comes to successful gambling! A budget should be set up before a player even enters the casino, and this is done to get a good view on how much you want to bet in regards to your bankroll, and also helps you to minimize your losses.

The number one key to gambling successfully is to never bet any more money than you can actually afford to lose. With today’s technology, however, it’s so simple and quick to deposit money in to a casino account, and many players forget about their economy and deposit money that should have been spent on other things. That is why players should always have set aside a certain amount of cash for the sole purpose of gambling before entering the casino, so that they have clear picture of how much they can spend. To make it even more systematical, set up a budget for each game that you plan to play during your session. In other words, if you have a bankroll of €200 and want to play blackjack and roulette, set a budget on €100 on each game. This way you won’t get stuck in one game and you won’t try to chase your losses in one game with the budget for the other game.

Knowing when to quit is another very important skill that every casino player should have in order to control their finances online. Often you will find that you hit a losing streak, and when this happens it’s much better to walk away from the game and accept your loss, rather than trying to increase your bets in order to recover from your losses. The reason for this is that if you get angry when you loses, you are much more likely to act on emotions rather than logic, and logic is one of the most important weapons that we use to win at casino games. The same thing goes for winning streaks! You must realize that when you’re on a roll, it’s not going to go on forever, and eventually you will start losing again as the casino has a slight edge over the player. So make sure to stop playing and collect your winnings when you are on top!

By managing your bankroll properly, you limit the amount of money that risk losing at online casinos. If you go in with the mindset that it’s okay to lose today’s budget, as you can afford to lose it, it will be very beneficial. Winning or losing then becomes less important, and you can actually just enjoy the rush that you get from the games. See any additional winnings as a mere bonus! Learn more about money management on, which is an online casino portal with loads of great information.


How to handle a bad beat in poker

February 20, 2013

As poker is a game that will always include an element of chance, it’s impossible for players to determine the outcome of every hand. Usually, a good player can determine whether to fold or call with good precision, and usually, if a player makes a good call, he will be rewarded for it. But sometimes things just don’t go the way we plan, and bad fortune strikes.

The bad beat. We’ve all been there. You’re sitting with a strong hand on the flop, and you making you’re bet. Your opponent immediately goes over the top of your bet, shoving all his money into the pot. You stop to think, and you have a feel that he’s bluffing and after pondering your decision for a while, you decide to call. As you opponent flips over his cards you are delighted to see that you have caught holding absolutely nothing, and you just wait for the turn and river to be flipped over so you can collect your winnings. Then, by coincidence, the turn and the river ends up giving your opponent a very, very low percentage straight. As he realizes he’s won the pot, he looks up at you with a sly smile, as you feel the rage bubbling up inside you, fists clenched and teeth grinding…

At this point it is very easy to lose your judgment and your logic, and just start playing recklessly to recover your losses. In the poker world this is called going “on tilt”. Now, this is something you really want to avoid, as your success in poker is based on making the right decisions, and the right decisions are really tough to make when you’re in that state of mind.

So how do we stop ourselves from going on tilt? Well, the explanation is quite simple, and with a little will power and discipline you can stop yourself from doing it. First of all, if you are a serious poker player you have to think of poker as a long time investment. It is not about making a quick buck, but rather to play for long term profits by making the right decisions based on the odds of winning a pot. If you come from this frame it’s much easier to separate your emotions from the game, and just see poker that something that has both ups and downs, but thanks to your strategy there will always be more ups than downs! There’s another great website for spanish speaking texas holdem poker players called

Another thing which might seem very fundamental and obvious, but we want to bring up anyway, is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Poker demands a lot of concentration, and if you’re playing on several tables for hours and hours, your mind is going to get wired. Try to eat healthy food and drink a lot of water to try and stay on top of things. It’s when we are tired and weary we are likely to be a bit edgy, making it much more likely for us to go on tilt when we’re having bad luck!


Winning in Bingo!

February 4, 2013

It’s a pretty well known fact that online bingo is a game almost entirely based on chance. Both the cards and the balls are drawn completely random, and at the start of the game, each card is as likely as the other to win. However, there are a few things you can do to give yourself an edge.

Live bingo actually requires a bit of skill in order to win. Players have to mark their cards themselves, making sure they don’t miss number and noticing which cards are close to getting a bingo, and be quicker than the rest of the crowd to call the bingo.

Unlike live bingo, online bingo has this element removed as the bingo software always makes sure that your bingo cards are marked correctly when you’re playing. They even have functions so that if you get disconnected during a game, the bingo software will finish it for you, meaning that you can still win money in that particular game. Some websites even offer pre-paid cards, meaning that you can buy a set of cards for a particular time during the day, and those cards will then automatically be played, even though you might not be logged in on the website.

There are a few things that you can to increase your chances of winning in online bingo:

  • Make sure to play at websites that offer high bonuses. You can find the best bingo online bonuses and places to play bingo gratis at websites like and
  • The most obvious way of increasing your chances of winning would of course be to buy more bingo cards. Some websites will allow you to buy as many cards as you want. Keep in mind though, that for every card you buy you need to risk more money. Always weigh the total amount you pay to the potential reward you’re looking at.
  • In online bingo, there’s usually an option to change your bingo cards if you wish. This might seem like a waste of time as every card has an equal chance of winning before the first number is drawn. But consider the fact that some cards will have numbers in common; meaning that if the common number doesn’t come up, none of the cards will have a chance of winning the game. You’re taking an unnecessary risk by choosing cards that have too many numbers in common. If given the option, always try to buy cards that are very different from each other.

A brief guide to sports betting

February 1, 2013

The objective of sports betting is to pick a game a get as much info about it as possible, and thereafter compare the probability of each team’s chances of winning according to your data, and then see if your opinion differ from the odds maker’s. You win when your analysis is better than the oddsmaker’s, and that’s how simple it is. Although sports betting definitely have an element of luck involved, certainly in the short term, this will be balanced out during the long run, which is where the talented and researched players get rewarded.

Although you might think so, players who win consistently in sports betting are not lucky. In fact it’s the complete opposite: Players who take a lot of time preparing, reading up on each team, players and such to evaluate the probability of a team’s chance to win, are usually the players that win In sports betting. Some people can get lucky and win loads straight away, but these players usually ends up losing their entire bankroll later when luck has caught up with them.

When you’re betting on a sport, remember that it is the oddsmaker you’re trying to beat, and not the bookmaker. The bookie is just a connection between the oddsmaker and the punter. The bookmaker ideally wants a 50/50 spread of bets between two teams in a match, as this is what generates their profit, and they will try to encourage bets on one team if there’s too many bets on the other. It’s your job to try and outsmart the oddsmake, and have a more accurate opinion on which the winning team is going to be when you place your bets. If you toss a coin you will have a 50% chance of guessing the end result correctly. If your odds of winning are 10/11 you only have to win just over 52% of your bets in order to get a higher profit than the bookmaker and break even. This means you only have to win a little bit more than half of your bets in order to be profitable. A general guideline is to aim to win 55% of your bets over a long period of time, which will make you profitable in the long run. That’s a much better strategy than making crazy bet after crazy bet, which might reward you greatly and hugely increase your bank roll in the short term. Typically, these kinds of strategies always fail in the long run. Of course, there’s lots more to learn in order to be succesful at sports betting. Websites like and do not only have advanced guides to sports betting, but also some of the greates starting offers for famous sportsbooks such as William Hill and Lbapuestas!



Guide to Video Poker

January 30, 2013

With millions of players from around the globe, Video Poker has become one of the main attractions of any land based or online casino. It’s an amazing mix of two of the most popular casino games of all time, slot machines and poker, and the game play is so easy to understand that anyone can play the game. Although being a game of chance, like any casino game, there are certain things you can do in order to greatly improve your chances of winning:

  • Go for the Progressive jackpot: Sometimes you will come across Video poker machines that carry a progressive jackpot. This means that the jackpot gets bigger every time someone plays at the machine. Make sure to always play the max number of coins as that will give you the biggest payout if you are lucky enough to win it!
  • Find the best games: One of the most effective ways to find the casinos that offer your favorite variants of Video poker is to use review sites such as, which review different casinos based on games, among other things. Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s not online in online casinos that offer video poker. It’s also common for bingo websites to offer this game.
  • Don’t play too high: A lot of inexperienced players make the big mistake of rushing in to a game of video poker making large bets without thinking through their decisions. While it is true that video poker has better odds then most casino games, it doesn’t justify wasting your whole bankroll in one game session. As you get used to the particular machines, as well as the betting systems, it’s important to keep your bets rather low in relation to your bankroll. Until you have gained a bit of experience, stay at the lowest denomination machines and then start working your way up. Approaching a gaming session with a sober mindset and some caution will benefit you financially in the long run, and keep in mind that there is now rush, the video poker machine is not going to go anywhere.
  • Video Poker comes in many costumes: There are actually several different versions of Video Poker available in the gambling industry. A lot of people seem to think that all Video Poker games are the same, where in fact there are loads of different subtle differences in each game, both in the rules as well in payouts. Therefore, always make sure that you read up on the rules for each single game before you start playing it. Although you are not expected to know every single difference for every game, it’s really good to have a clear view on what separates one machine from the other, as it may very well justify adjusting your game strategy.
  • Jack’s the Boss! Unlike most card games, the strongest card in most Video Poker games is not the Ace, but it’s rather the Jacks you want to look out for. Given the option of choosing to keep a Jack or an Ace, it’s almost always better to keep the Jack as it’s more likely to end up with a winning combination (unless, of course, the Ace is paired up on the deal.)
  • Don’t go crazy! As we stated earlier, there are several versions of Video Poker, and you might be tempted to go straight out there and just play them all instantly. Whereas this might be fun, looking from a strategic point of you, you will be more likely to win if you stick to two separate machines and get good at them. It takes time to get to know all the rules of a single game, and therefore it’s better to be an expert on one or two games and have the chance of making some money rather than being average on every game and end up losing!

Gamble Responsibly

January 25, 2013

Most players are aware of the fact that gambling should be played for recreational purposes rather than financial, and that it has to be done in proportion in terms of money and time. Although this is pretty much common knowledge, some gamblers play too much for their own good, although they might not realize it themselves, and they might not even think that they have a problem. This is the definition of a so called problem gambler. Some players may be well aware of their unhealthy gambling habits, but they have lost control and simply can’t stop playing. You can find out more abut how to keep your gambling habits under control on a casino online gratis website called!

The general advice of psychologists and therapists are that people should not gamble at all if they know that they have an addictive personality. It is also advised to immediately seek professional help if a player feels any doubt regarding their gaming habits, whether it be online or in land based casinos.

So what are some of the things that players should look for when trying to evaluate whether they can handle online gambling as pure entertainment and not developing a problem with it?

Start of by simply evaluate your own personality and look if there’s anything in your life that could help you determine whether you have an addictive personality or not? Are you a smoker? Do you have drinking problems? Anything that you consider a bad habit that you can’t manage to kick is in fact an addiction. Some addictions might be worse than others, but this should at least give you an idea.

For the vast majority, online gambling is an activity that is enjoyed just as any other active, such as going to the cinema or playing golf, It’s an activity that you spend a certain amount of money on, but you won’t let the result, whether it be winning or losing, affect the time and money you spend on the activity. Unfortunately, for a tiny part of the online gaming community, the game takes control, and the players just wants to continue playing regardless of if he wins or loses.

So if you ever notice any signs of your fun activity turning into more of a bad habit, what are some of the precautions you can take? The first step is to make personal rules and limits, and never ever break them. Be extremely disciplined on how much money and time you are allowed to play every week. Certain casinos offer deposit limits as a way for customers to stay in control, and you can find lists of these casino operators on casino portals. The same thing goes for poker websites, where you can find a lot of fair texas holdem poker websites on for example

General advice also includes not spending too much time in one session, and take regular short breaks to collect your thoughts and emotions. Be honest to yourself, if you actually think you might have a problem, do NOT hesitate to get in touch with an organization that can help you. Most well reputed casinos will provide information on where to get help in this matter, with useful links to different organization’s websites where you can find help.

Remember that no one has to be ashamed of actually admitting to having problems. Everybody has problems of their own, and with such great help organizations out there, most players are able to get help. Online gaming should always be a fun activity, and if you’re feeling that that’s no longer the case, you should know that something is wrong.


The chatroom – A vital part of online Bingo

January 8, 2013

Most bingo players like the social vibe and friendships a bingo hall provides, but guess what? It’s just the same thing with online bingo! It might not seem as much fun sitting at home in front of your computer playing bingo if you compare it to live bingo. However, today all good bingo websites have chat rooms in which you can communicate with all the other players who are playing on the site. This is a great way of making new friends, not only from your local town, but from the whole wide world.

Chat games

The chat rooms are controlled by a Chat Manager. Besides making sure that everyone is having a good time and helping with any enquiries players might have, the chat manager arranges chat games the players can participate in.

In most cases, the chat games are free to join in on, although some websites will request that you have bought at least one card in the ongoing bingo game. There are many different types of chat games, but most of them are linked to the call board of the ongoing bingo game. The chat games are played on the side of the bingo, and usually the players select a few numbers before the game starts, and when the numbers are called on the board they win. Usually the prizes come in bonus money which can’t be cashed out, but can be used to buy cards in the bingo.

The chat room vibe

There’s no rule that you have to play bingo in order to chat. Some people might be a bit low on money, but chose to enter the chat room anyway, just for the social bit. Some bingo websites, like Balloon Bingo, are known for their chatrooms and have put a lot of effort in to making the vibe very friendly. You can find special deals on such bingo website in bingo portals like A lot of bingo players make friends online, who they want to talk to. A lot of bingo websites have private chat rooms as well, in which you can talk to your friends without having to be interrupted by anyone else.

Different chat rooms have different names and different themes. Some might be targeted towards younger people, and some for older people. Use the names to get a hint of what the themes of the rooms are.

So how do you write a chat message? For someone with normal computer skills, this one’s rather self explanatory. When you enter the bingo client, you will see a window and a list of players in the chat room. Simply mark the field below the chat room to enter your message. Always behave well when you are in chat rooms, or the chat manager might warn you or even turn off your chat function. Always show respect to the other players in the room.


The Financial Roulette

January 3, 2013

For many of us gamblers out there, roulette is the sort of Rolls Royce of the gambling industry. I don’t know why, but there’s just something about the game that makes it stand out from the other games in the casino. For one, the game is very interesting from a visual point of view, with the ball rolling and the anticipation building up before it stops.

However, as we all know, roulette is a game purely based on chance, and the chances of anyone ever managing to keep sustainable profits from the game are extremely low. Therefore, I was glad hear about a new form of “gambling” that is actually quite similar to roulette, in which the chances of making profits are much higher, as there is an element of skill involved. This form of betting is called binary trading, and it’s a form of financial trading that not only is easy to understand, but one of the few forms of trading that is likely to give you a quick profit without risking too much money.

The way binary trading is similar to roulette is by the fact that every bet you make has only two possible outcomes, a win or a loss, much like betting on black or red in roulette. The difference here is that in binary trading you will bet on the price of a certain asset to go up or down within a specific time frame, and this is where the skills comes in. Just like with anything else, you can never predict the future with 100% certainty. However, the more information we gather of something, the higher the chances are that we can make a realistic guess, so in this case, the more you news stories you read about events that will affect the market, the more likely you are to make a profit. There are several sources that offer great inforamtion and binary options strategy guides, one of them is that also offer reviews over some of the most well reputed brokers in the industry. There’s another good binary portal, designed for spanish speaking traders: opciones binarias estrategias.

With this simple format, binary options are likely to open the doors to financial trading for many people. Usually people get a bit scared off when talking about finances as they find it hard to grasp and too complicated for them. But with binary trading, it’s really just as simple as roulette. The only difference here is that you can actually develop a skillset to further increase your chances of winning!


Always keep an eye on your opponent – even in online poker!

October 9, 2012

When playing poker live at a real table, players are constantly looking at their opponents to receive information by the subtle tell-tell signs that they give out unconsciously. This is really important as it can help a player determine whether his opponent is bluffing or not. It can be everything from acting overly aggressive, usually trying to incline that his hand is better than it really is to really subtle signals like rubbing your fingers together. Everyone has these signs to some extent, and good poker players are experts at reading them.

So when you’re playing online poker, and you can’t see the faces of your opponents, does this mean you don’t have to observe them? Of course not! You should constantly watch your opponents, even when you’re not active in the hand. Find out who’s aggressive and play a lot of hands, who’s more likely to bluff, and who plays really conservative. This information is really valuable when it comes to your decision-making, and it can often determine whether you win or lose a pot. Psychology is a big part of poker, a game that is as much about counting the odds as it is about making players act the way you want them to, so keep that in mind next time you visit your poker network.

A page that really helped me in this aspect, but playing in the casino, was Juegos del Casino, a place with not only reviews but entire guides dedicated to the games offered, similar pages are out there referring to poker, don´t miss the opportunity, go and check them!


What to do if you’re new to poker

October 2, 2012
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Over the last decade, Poker have had an incredible increase in popularity throughout the world, much thanks to all the online poker websites that started to pop up around the beginning of the 21st century. These days, everyone has heard of poker, and knows the basic rules of the game. Groups of friends arrange poker nights, and there are loads of TV-channels broadcasting poker events from all over the world.

If you’ve played around for a while, started to like the game, and want to give it a go to see if you can make any money of it, online poker is a great way of doing it. But do you think that just because you have watched a few shows on the TV and won a tournament among your friends, that you are ready to make the big bucks in the poker world? Think again!

It’s important to realize that the game of poker is complicated. If you expect to make a real profit, relying on gut-feeling and luck is not going to take you far. The players that make money off poker are the ones that realize that poker is a game of math and probability, and to put their trust in that rather than their emotions when making a decision.

However, the one thing that truly separates the great players from the good, are the players that know how to integrate the psychological aspect into their game. You want to be able to manipulate your opponent to play the way you want him to. This can be making him believe you have a really strong hand when in fact it isn’t, or the other way around.

So if you’re a newbie, and want to make it in the poker world, you probably want to do some reading. Go to any poker forum on the web and you will find countless options of literature to get you started. In the beginning, start playing at the low stakes tables, as you are less likely to find sharks there, then slowly, as your skills increase, work your way up to higher stakes. Getting good at poker does not happen overnight, and always keep that in mind. When it comes to money, the saying “better safe than sorry” really rings true. It’s not uncommon for players to have some initial success and then launch themselves head first, full of confidence, into a big money game and ending up losing all their money.

It is always difficult to start fresh in a new gaming activity. When betting they usually recommend checking apuestas deportivos webpage, but for poker jugar there’s an even better one,